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We are Whatcom County, Washington land surveying experts with over 2100 Record of Surveys and over 200 Short Plats recorded.

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Gravel Pit Reclamation in Lynden, Whatcom County, WA

Gravel Pit Reclamation have been described that will enable mined land to support agricultural production, forest production that can grow valued wood products, and developed land uses for building sites. To learn more about Gravel Pit Reclamation in Lynden, Whatcom County, WA, contact Northwest Surveying and GPS today.

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Utilizes latest technology

We utilize the latest technology to provide a Incorporating state of the art computers and software in our office production.

31 Solid Years in Service

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. is a solid 31 year old local land surveying company committed to serving the people of Whatcom County.

2,100 Record of Surveys

2100 Record of Surveys and over 200 Short Plats recorded in Whatcom County

Land Surveying Service We Offer Includes

Our boundary survey team has been in the industry for 37 years and we have accumulated a wealth of local experience, having worked across Whatcom County, WA

A short subdivision is a land division of a legal lot of record into less than 5 lots consistent with zoning whereas the long subdivision consists of 5 or more.
Remove your property from the FEMA floodplain (LOMA/LOMR) Let’s take a look at how to know if your property is in a flood hazard area and ways to remedy it.
Construction staking is the process of taking planned improvements and buildings, and then actually mapping them out on the site where the building will take place.
The days of indiscriminate timbering are long gone, thankfully replaced with harvesting plans with long time horizons, based on gps and gis data.
Northwest Survey and GPS licensed professional surveyors provide topographic services to help clients identify and assess features, elevations, and slopes at a property site to ensure that it is appropriate and feasible for the intended construction projects.
The ALTA Survey is a detailed land parcel map, showing all existing improvements of the property, utilities, and significant observations within the insured estate.
During a hydrographic survey, those involved collect all the data needed for maritime cartographers to put together an accurate underwater topographical map.
A lot line revision or adjustment is the reconfiguration of the boundaries between two or more existing adjacent parcels where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel and where a greater number of parcels than originally existed is not created.
Northwest Surveying & GPS specializes in restoration and reclamation projects for gravel pits. Northwest Surveying & GPS provides a cost-effective alternative to importing topsoil and other expensive restoration options.
Easement Preparation is needed if you are planning to grant your adjoining property owner, utility company, municipality, etc., an easement or right-of-way to access your property, install utilities, maintain structures, etc.
From project inception, Northwest Surveying & GPS closely coordinate the requirements and facilitate solutions to successfully navigate through the condominium creation process.
Wetland maps are a prerequisite for wetland inventory and for wetland development planning, management, protection, and restoration. Maps provide information on wetland type, location, and size.

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Our company is dedicated to delivering the people of Whatcom County a quality product for a reasonable price.

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. was founded by Denny DeMeyer in 1984. Denny is a lifelong (67 year) native of Whatcom County, graduating from Ferndale High School in 1967 and Everett Community College with an Associate Degree in Forest Technology in 1969. He passed the land surveyor’s exam and received his surveyor’s license in 1983. Denny is now retired and his son, Jeromy has purchased the company.

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. is a solid 31 year old local land surveying company committed to serving the people of Whatcom County with over 2100 Record of Surveys and over 200 Short Plats recorded in Whatcom County

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