Land Surveying Professionals in Whatcom County, Washington

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc.


We offer our clients a unique set of resources with extensive, proven experience in surveying and mapping. This industry knowledge, coupled with familiarizing ourselves with the client’s objectives and procedures, is the foundation for a successful working relationship.

Because Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. is a small firm, we are able to react and adapt quickly to changing projects and field work priorities. We are capable of performing large projects for public agencies and utility industry clients, as well as small projects for virtually any client base. This ability to react and adapt also enables us to keep the project on time and within budget based on our philosophy of streamlined internal processes. We are able to shift and re-allocate resources quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining a small, strategic core staff with low internal overhead.

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Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc.

has recorded more than 3300 Boundary Surveys in Whatcom County, and in 2019 alone, we recorded over 170.

Why Should You Choose Us

Utilizes Latest Technology

We utilize the latest technology to provide a Incorporating state of the art computers and software in our office production.

37 Solid Years in Service

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. is a solid 37 years old local land surveying company committed to serving the people of Whatcom County.

3,300 Record of Surveys

3,300 Record of Surveys and over 250 Short Plats recorded in Whatcom County