Land Surveying Professionals in Whatcom County, Washington

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Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. was founded by Denny DeMeyer in 1984. Denny is a lifelong (67 year) native of Whatcom County, graduating from Ferndale High School in 1967 and Everett Community College with an Associate Degree in Forest Technology in 1969. He passed the land surveyor’s exam and received his surveyor’s license in 1983. Denny is now retired and his son, Jeromy has purchased the company.

Northwest Surveying & GPS, Inc. is a solid 31 year old local land surveying company committed to serving the people of Whatcom County with over 2100 Record of Surveys and over 200 Short Plats recorded in Whatcom County

Our company is dedicated to delivering the people of Whatcom County a quality product for a reasonable price.

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